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Environmental and Geotechnical Construction Services


Geotechnical Construction

For nearly 30 years, ENTACT has been committed to the successful creation and implementation of environmental and geotechnical construction solutions. Working with a variety of clients, from industrial to commercial to governmental, we provide the geotechnical expertise to tackle foundation and subsurface problems. Our industry-leading personnel has the proven experience to complete the most challenging projects, providing a full suite of solutions to expertly manage every detail from start to finish.

Ground Stabilization / Settlement & Liquefaction Mitigation

  • Shallow Soil Mixing – Mass Solidification
  • Deep Soil Mixing
  • Wet & Dry Soil Mixing
  • Soil-cement Columns
  • Overlapping Columns
  • In-Situ Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Shallow Excavator Mixing
  • Hydraulic cut-off walls

Earth Retention / Structural Support

  • Anchors & Tiebacks
  • Soldier Piles & Lagging
  • Steel Sheet Pile Walls
  • Self-Hardening Slurry Walls
  • Auger Cast Piling
  • Wet Soil Mixing
  • Cement/Slurry Grouting

Coal Ash Impoundment & Landfill Closure

  • Dewatering Systems
  • Hydraulic cut-off walls
  • Ash Management
  • Wet Ash Conditioning
  • Landfill Construction
  • Environmental Remediation Applications

In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS)

  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation
  • In-Situ Chemical Reduction
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers & Funnel/Gate Systems
  • Barrier Walls (cut-off walls)
  • Soil–Mixed
  • Soil-Bentonite
  • Cement-Bentonite
  • Soil-Cement-Bentonite
  • Slag Cement—Portland Cement-Bentonite
  • Biodegradable Biopolymer Trench Installation

ENTACT self-performs significant geotechnical construction activities. Several examples of self-performed ENTACT geotechnical scope include:

Ground Improvement for Construction
ENTACT self performs geotechnical techniques including, but not limited to ground improvement of weak or unstable soils and sediments for settlement control. We conduct our own bench-scale studies, and to support this work, ENTACT maintains a fully functional bench scale treatability/geotechnical laboratory that is capable of tackling any type of study for both impacted and non-impacted media, regardless of waste stream. This resource enables ENTACT to control costs and more importantly, control the quality of the study.

Barrier Walls
ENTACT possesses in-house resources to self-perform barrier wall installations for ground stabilization/settlement and liquefaction mitigation, environmental remediation, earth retention, and structural support applications. Our scope of services include Steel, Vinyl and HDPE Sheet Pile Installations; Slurry Cut-Off Wall Installations (soil-bentonite, soil-cement-bentonite, cement-bentonite, slag cement-Portland cement-Bentonite); In-Situ Auger Soil Mixed Column Walls; Biopolymer Slurry Trenching; Funnel and Gate Groundwater Treatment Systems; and In-Situ Permeable Reactive Barrier Walls.

Sheet Pile Installation
ENTACT work often occurs at depths or locations that require installation of various support systems to ensure the integrity and stabilization of the work area or surrounding structures. We utilize and self-perform benching/sloping, slide rail shoring, and sheet pile installations to allow our work to proceed. When there is a civil construction element that ENTACT cannot self-perform directly we subcontract specialty expertise.