Remedial and Geotechnical Construction Services



Delivering Innovative, Cost Effective, and Safe Solutions

ENTACT owns a large fleet of heavy equipment for remediation, earthworks, and geotechnical construction.ENTACT is a direct performer of field remediation and geotechnical construction services.  Our unique group of talented individuals creates and implements environmental and geotechnical solutions for our clients at their active facilities and dormant properties. ENTACT was founded over twenty–five years ago on the belief that safety, technical excellence, field expertise, and sound business practices are all necessary to deliver outstanding service. Today, we are recognized as a premier provider of environmental services – capable of successfully addressing our clients' most challenging projects.

  •     Applied Technologies

    Laboratory Soil Treatability Testing

    Soil Stabilization

    Soil Solidification

    Soil Chemical Oxidation

    Soil Chemical Fixation

    Soil Vapor Extraction

    Soil Compaction

    Ground Improvement

    Groundwater Cutoff Walls

    Groundwater Treatment Barriers

    Groundwater Diversion Systems

    Groundwater Treatment Systems

    Storm Water, Erosion, and Sediment Controls

    Surface Water Retention and Diversion

    In-Water Isolation Cells and Coffer Dams

    Waste Soil Dewatering

    Bypass Pumping System
    Is-situ Lang excavator soil mixing

    Excavation Dewatering

    Excavation Support

    Waste Soil Excavation and Removal

    Landfill Construction

    Landfill Closure and Capping

    Construction Surface Restoration

    Coal Ash Impoundment Closure

    Coal Ash Landfill Closure

    Natural Habitat Restoration

    Building and Structures Demolition

    Underground Storage Tank Remediation

    Above Ground Storage Tank Removal

    Contaminated Sediment Removal

    Sub-Aqueous Capping


    Residential Lot Remediation

    ENTACT Treatability Lab
    Marsh Excavator
  •     Remedial Construction Services

    Health and Safety Zone Setup and Maintenance

    Soil Admixture Blending and Dosage Delivery

    Mechanical In-Situ Soil Mixing

    Auger In-Situ Soil Mixing

    Mechanical Ex-Situ Soil Mixing

    Mechanical In-Situ SVE via Shrouded Auger

    Mechanical Excavation, Backfill and Compaction

    Waste Material Transportation and Disposal

    Waste Water Containment, Treatment and Disposal

    Slurry Wall Installation

    Sheet Pile Installation

    Conventional Beam and Lagging Earth Retention

    Permeable Reactive Wall Installation

    Biopolymer Trench Installation

    Geotextiles and HDPE Liner Installations

    Clay and Earthen Cap Construction

    Water Control Grading and Drainage Landforms

    Temporary Well Point Dewatering Systems

    Precast Water Control Structure Installations

    Surface Paving, Seeding and Landscaping

    Mechanical Dredging

    Wetland Hydrology Controls Installation

    Native Species Planting

    Mechanical Demolition (Shear and Thumb)

    Hot Torch and Cold Cut Metals Demolition

    Mechanical Concrete Crushing

    Debris Decontamination and Disposal

    ISS Auger Mixing
    Slurry Wall Construction
    ENTACT Safety Meeting
    Cap Construction

The following is a listing of our major applied technologies and construction methods implemented for a wide range of applications.



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