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Environmental and Geotechnical Construction Services

Coal Ash Impoundment and Landfill Closure Construction Services

Our Services


  • In-House Project Management, Field Engineers, Health and Safety Officers, Superintendents, Equipment Operators, Technicians
  • Large Fleet of Standard Heavy Equipment
  • Specialty Soil Mixing and Stabilization Rigs and Attachments, Dewatering, Slurry Wall, and Sheet Pile Installation Equipment
  • Low Ground Pressure Equipment
  • In-House Bench Scale Treatability Lab
  • Fully Integrated Project Management, Scheduling, Quality Assurance, and Safety Programs

Skills and Capabilities


  • Fixed Well Point Extraction Systems
  • Portable Point Source Dewatering
  • Sump Construction
  • Deep Drains
  • Storm Water System Construction


Site Preparation, Material Management, and Restoration

  • Ash Management
  • Wet Ash Conditioning
  • Landfill Construction
  • Stream Realignment and Bank Stabilization
  • Wetlands Mitigation
  • Revegetation and Restoration

Cap and Containment

  • Soil Cover Placement
  • Seepage Control
  • Dike/Earthen Dam Rehabilitation
  • Composite Capping Systems
  • New Cell Construction


Geotechnical Construction

  • Ground Improvement
  • Slurry Wall Construction
  • In-Situ Solidification/Stabilization (ISS)
  • Deep Soil Mixing
  • Structural Support
  • Sheet Pile Installation
  • Biopolymer Trenching