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Environmental and Geotechnical Construction Services

Gulf Coast Expertise

Founded in Texas, ENTACT has been providing environmental remediation and geotechnical construction services along the Gulf Coast since our inception in 1991. Our 28 years of Gulf Coast specialty construction experience ensures that our clients get exceptional service from a reputable contractor familiar with the climatic and geologic conditions and workforce considerations specific to the region. We own and operate low ground pressure and specialized equipment such as heavy construction machines, pontoon-mounted excavators, long-stick excavators, large diameter augers, sheet pile rigs, and crane mats for safe and effective execution of work in coastal environments.

Ground Improvement

Ground improvement is often needed to increase bearing capacity, reduce settlement, retard seepage, increase stability of slopes, and mitigate liquefaction potential. ENTACT is an industry leader in using various technologies to improve, treat, and reinforce existing ground conditions for environmental and civil applications. We specialize in serving clients with new and expanding plants and facilities, and the development of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities. ENTACT is capable of self-performing this work– providing a reliability and accountability that clients count on for cost and schedule control. We have the resources needed to conduct our own soil mix designs and treatability studies, we own the specialized equipment needed to implement the solution, and we employ some of the most experienced personnel in the industry.

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Business Development Manager – Texas
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  • In-House Project Management, Field Engineers, Health and Safety Officers, Superintendents, Equipment Operators, Technicians
  • Company-Owned Large Fleet of Standard Heavy Equipment
  • Company-Owned Specialty Soil Mixing and Stabilization Rigs and Attachments, Grout Batch Plants, Dewatering, Slurry Wall, and Sheet Pile Installation Equipment
  • Maintains a Fleet of Low Ground Pressure Equipment
  • In-House Bench Scale Treatability Laboratory
  • Fully Integrated Project Management, Scheduling, Quality Assurance, and Safety Programs


  • Deep Soil Auger Mixing
  • Shallow Excavator Mixing – Mass Solidification
  • Wet & Dry Soil Mixing
  • Soilcrete Columns
  • Soil Improvement Services to Support Tank Pad Construction and Tank Farm Expansion
  • Ground Improvement for Plant Expansion
  • Ground Improvement for LNG Construction
  • Overlapping Columns
  • In-Situ Gravity Retaining Walls

Featured Project – Freeport LNG Ground Stabilization

  • LNG terminal expansion including 3 LNG trains, gas pre-treatment unit and loading dock
  • Mass stabilization of over 2.2 M CY of soft dredged sediment and fill soils
  • Over 4.2 M CY excavation and backfilling
  • Pneumatic conveyance boxes, bucket mixing; 5-8 FT depths; UCS-25 PSI in 28 days
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