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Health & Safety


Safety is the most important aspect of every ENTACT project.


Protection of human health and the environment is our first priority. Our corporate Health and Safety Program is structured in a manner that meets or exceeds the industry standards for health and safety while providing the most cost–effective service for our customers.


ENTACT’s Behavior Based Health and Safety Program focuses on preventing losses through behavior modification within an integrated safety management system. This system identifies and eliminates risk before it occurs, and is a proven, effective tool that has been integrated into ENTACT’s business philosophy.

Twice a day onsite health and safety meetings held at each ENTACT project.

Our aggressive attitude towards health and safety does not tolerate unsafe behavior, rather rewards safe behavior – no injuries, no incidents, no fatalities, no excuses. We expect each and every ENTACT associate to act in a responsible and safe manner at all times. Communication between our Field Crew, Project Management Team, and Health and Safety Representatives is essential to the execution of a safe project. ENTACT conducts task observations, near loss investigations, daily safety meetings at all project sites, staffs projects with qualified on–site health and safety personnel, and conducts safety inspections and audits on a frequent basis to continuously provide avenues of communication.


Our continual effort to improve our Behavior Based Health and Safety System and the dedication of each and every ENTACT associate has enabled our organization to achieve an industry leading health and safety record.

PEC Safety BROWZ Member ISNet World PICS The Contractors' Choice Gold Shovel Standard

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