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Environmental and Geotechnical Construction Services


Coal Ash Impoundment & Landfill Closure

ENTACT’s unique skill sets, specialized equipment, and experienced personnel are ideally suited to assist our clients with safe and cost-effective disposition of their Coal Combustion Residuals. Our 28 years of hands-on experience in environmental remediation, including constructing composite liner systems and handling impounded and landfilled residuals, has resulted in superior material handling, solids management, and storm and groundwater management skills. Additionally, our geotechnical construction capabilities allow us to address dam safety, slope stability and seepage control issues with company owned equipment and seasoned operators.

ENTACT Resources

  • In-House Project Management, Field Engineers, Health and Safety Officers, Superintendents, Equipment Operators, Technicians
  • Large Fleet of Standard Heavy Equipment
  • Specialty Soil Mixing and Stabilization Rigs and Attachments, Dewatering, Slurry Wall, and Sheet Pile Installation Equipment
  • Low Ground Pressure Equipment
  • In-House Bench Scale Treatability Lab
  • Fully Integrated Project Management, Scheduling, Quality Assurance, and Safety Programs

Dewatering and Water Treatment
One of the most critical elements of a successful soil remediation project is the ability to manage groundwater, surface water and process liquids encountered during excavation. ENTACT possesses the technical expertise in excavation dewatering, on-site water treatment, and procurement of applicable discharge permits. We are capable of implementing a variety of dewatering technologies as dictated by project conditions including design and installation of fixed well point systems and portable dewatering systems using pumps and vacuum trucks. Where long term or large scale dewatering is required, more sophisticated technologies may be implemented including deep drains and extraction systems, biopolymer trenching techniques for groundwater diversions, vertical slurry wall cut-off barriers, cut-off walls, and deep soil mixing vertical barriers. Our vast water treatment experience includes assembly and maintenance of water treatment trains to handle a variety of contaminants including organics (suspended solids reduction, carbon adsorption, particulate removal), inorganics (metals precipitation, filtration/removal of sediments), and NAPL (oil/water separation, free-product removal, adsorption, sand filtration, air stripping).

Ash Management & Wet Ash Conditioning
In-situ and ex-situ solidification/stabilization efforts are enhanced by our understanding of crusted ash volume, liquid ash volume, and moisture content, with optimal mix designs completed at our in-house treatability laboratory. As a national service provider of remedial and geotechnical construction services, we are familiar with state and federal regulations related to ash management units and geographically positioned to offer efficient mobilization. With wet ash conditioning, ash is mixed with wastewater such as highly saline effluents generated from water treatment processes to produce a slurry with controlled density that is then hydraulically transported to the ash dams. The slurry is allowed to settle and the ash-water is either drained away, or percolates through the ash dam and is collected in a toe drain.

Landfill Construction
ENTACT has industry-leading expertise in landfill construction as well as remediation and closures. Our skill set includes clearing and grubbing, erosion controls, excavation, clay lining, geosynthetic liner installation, drainage layer, geotechnical expertise, gas and leachate collection systems, storm water drainage, protective cover, revegetation, seeding, and all associated roadwork and infrastructure.