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Active Refinery Program - Gulf Coast

  • Stormwater surge ponds and canal sediment solidification/stabilization
  • Ground improvement for tank foundations, process units
  • Hurricane damage repairs
  • Maintenance dredging, spoils management
  • Effluent treatment plant demolition
  • Aeration basin removal, firewater pond excavation
  • Biocell construction and operation
  • Cut-off wall, reactive barrier wall and interceptor trench installations

ENTACT has been performing remediation, geotechnical construction, and facility maintenance activities at this active refinery in support of RCRA Corrective Action, Capital Expansion, and daily operation efforts. As part of the Refinery’s Corrective Team, ENTACT’s participation has included: design preparation, design reviews, peer reviews, treatability studies, field project execution, and participation in Agency project reviews. Throughout the duration of this project, ENTACT interacts with multiple stakeholders, regulators, local authorities, consultants, engineers, and oversight officials. Highlighted scopes of work include: solidification/stabilization of stormwater surge ponds and canal sediments; flowline restoration; ground improvement work; segmenting, dewatering, ISS and removal of sediments from a 120-acre stormwater lagoon; construction of a lined consolidation cell to contain treated sediments; repair work as a result of hurricane damage; maintenance dredging and dredge spoils management; effluent treatment plant demolition; aeration basin removal; cut-off wall, reactive barrier wall and interceptor trench installations; biocell construction; stormwater canal cleaning, maintenance and repairs; firewater pond excavation; ditch sediment removal; and miscellaneous work on an as-needed basis such as pipe removals, emergency spill assistance, exploratory excavations, vegetation removals and other small projects.