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Former Phosphate Fertilizer Sites Removal Action Program - Southeast

  • Remediation of former phosphate fertilizer production and manufacturing sites
  • Treated over 115,000 tons of lead and arsenic impacted soils and sediments
  • Excavation, water management, dredging and in-situ and ex-situ solidification/stabilization
  • Remediation of 50+ residential properties
  • Wetlands and site restoration efforts

ENTACT has been a dedicated contractor within this removal action program, in which we have remediated former phosphate fertilizer production and manufacturing sites throughout the southeast to address lead and arsenic impacted soils, sediment and groundwater. Sites are located in commercial, residential and industrial zones; tidally influenced areas located adjacent to navigable waterways; marshes and uplands; and adjacent to active rail lines and major highways/right-of-ways. Scopes of work vary in magnitude at each site, however, work typically involves excavation and off-site disposal activities; in-situ and ex-situ solidification/stabilization; demolition; placement of amended backfill for groundwater remediation; restoration of wetlands; installation of soil covers; remediation of residential properties; and general site restoration activities including backfilling, grading, and revegetation.

The majority of the projects involved treatment of hazardous materials in which ENTACT successfully designed numerous bench scale treatability studies at our in-house laboratory to cost-effectively render the soils non-hazardous.