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Former Wood Preserving Site ISS - Southeast

  • Remedial action at this 84-acre former Wood Preserving Site
  • ISS of 15,400 CY of creosote impacted subsurface soils utilizing excavator bucket mixing
  • Removal, stockpiling and replacement of non-impacted shallow soils up to 4 feet bgs
  • Installation of low permeability capping within the utility and railway corridors
  • Odor and vapor control was accomplished through the use of RUSMAR odor control foam and perimeter misting systems

This 84-acre wood preserving site was added to the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1997 because of contaminated groundwater, soil and sediment resulting from over 30 years of wood treating operations. Multiple phases of cleanup have occurred over the years; however the prior ISCO with ozone/peroxide groundwater remedy was deemed inadequately effective for the derived volume of NAPL present and in-situ solidification/stabilization (ISS) was selected as the revised remedy. After a competitive bid process, ENTACT was engaged to perform the remedial action. Scope of work included conducting an ISS demonstration prior to full scale implementation; removal, stockpiling, and replacement of clean over burden soils; ISS of 15,400 cubic yards of NAPL-impacted soils up to 26 feet deep; protecting overhead transmission and 12-inch gas lines; abandoning monitoring and injection wells; installing concrete cloth in ditches adjacent to the railroad; hand excavating rip rap within a gas line right of way; grading of the entire site; managing storm water; and restoring the site with vegetation.

Since deep excavation and stabilization was prohibited within 25 feet of a power line structure in the remediation area, due to stability concerns, ENTACT installed a low permeability clay cap at the surface of the structure and within the 25 foot offset of the utility and constructed a perimeter ISS barrier wall to contain NAPL from migrating.

A portion of the work included removal, off-site disposal, and re-routing 180 linear feet of 12-inch gas line in which close coordination with the gas company was required to complete the work safely and on-schedule.