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Special Waste Landfill Closure - Midwest

  • Closure of a special waste landfill at an operating manufacturing facility
  • Excavation and grading of 53-acres of landfill area, berms and surface water controls
  • Preparation of 24-acres of clay borrow areas
  • Construction of clay cap over 53-acres of the landfill
  • Total material handling over 500,000 CY

ENTACT was engaged to perform closure of a special waste landfill at this operating manufacturing facility that was used to dispose of off-spec product until the mid-90’s. ENTACT’s scope of work included clearing and grubbing 77-acres; excavation and grading 53-acres of landfill area, berms, surface water controls and other features; preparation of 24-acres of clay borrow areas; construction of clay cap over 53-acres of the landfill; installation of a gas venting system and modification of the leachate extraction system; construction of rip rap drainage channels, swales and a surface water diversion berm; and final grading and hydroseeding of disturbed site and borrow areas. Total material handling was in excess of 500,000 cubic yards.